What do people use RaveRants for?

February 12, 2010

If you’ve ever visited Google’s offices, one of the coolest displays is in one of their lobbies. There, projected on the wall, is a continually updated list of some of the things people search for. After watching this list for a couple of minutes, one starts to get a sense of the vast range of knowledge that Google helps people discover.

We figured we’d attempt the same thing with RaveRants. Except, rather than making you come to our “headquarters”, you only have to view a Twitter page: http://twitter.com/raveranter to see what people have recently searched for. You can also see a snippet of these searches on the left side of this blog.

While our index is nowhere the size of Google’s, even in our fledgling state it’s interesting to see what interests people. As this post is being written, people are looking up information on websites (Google Buzz), products (iPad), retailers (Costco), movies (MNIK, Book of Eli, Paranormal Activity), celebrities (Justin Bieber), cod (usually a computer game, sometimes the fish), and Santa (hmm… a bit late are we?). That’s a pretty wide range of interests. Long tail indeed.

A note on this search results feed: we screen out terms that might be offensive or NSFW. We also try to filter out searches that have previously occurred in the past few hours, as well as queries that deliver few if any results. The @raveranter twitter user is completely automated; however, the @raverants twitter user is human-edited. We’ll continue to use @raverants for short updates that don’t require a full blog post.

So, what do you make of all the searches that people are doing on RaveRants?


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