Hola world

October 14, 2009

Woohoo! RaveRants is now live. Barely. But it works.

Even in its current embryonic state, RaveRants provides some decent insights into how Twitter users feel. Here are a couple:

  • Obama v. Bush: Barack has many more positive than negative tweets, currently about 92% positive. This is way up from before he won the Nobel prize, where it was about 50/50 in terms of positive and negative tweets. However, most of these tweets are supporters of the president who think he didn’t deserve the Nobel. Sorry George Bush fans. The Ex has a low rating on Twitter, with only 21% positive tweets.
  • Adidas v. Nike: Twitterers like Adidas more than Nike. Adidas currently has 91% positive tweets, versus 77% for Nike. Nike’s rating is pulled down by twitterers who are mostly concerned about sweatshops. Evidence that corporate social responsibility concerns impact brand affinity.
  • Coke v. Pepsi: Currently, Coke barely leads Pepsi, with a 65% approval rating versus 59% for Pepsi.

Since Twitter is realtime, these results change minute-by-minute. But that’s the fun thing about RaveRants. It’s a constantly changing view of real-time sentiments of online users.

So, enjoy!

Just don’t beat on RaveRants too hard. And be patient. We know it’s not that fast. It will get better. Promise.


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